About Our School

GCPA at a Glance

At Grand Canyon Private Academy (GCPA), your child can experience an education that empowers them to shape their own path and pursue their passions.

Who’s eligible for enrollment?

GCPA welcomes students from across the United States as well as from select countries. We serve a range of diverse learners who are looking for a full-time education solution in grades PK–12. We also have opportunities for part-time learners who are looking to enroll in individual courses.

Our Curriculum

GCPA offers an engaging and interactive curriculum from K12. We follow a traditional academic calendar, but we offer families flexibility in terms of enrollment starting in the spring or fall. The K12 curriculum is rooted in how students learn best, while the online platform helps bring learning to life through the power of technology.

GCPA has courses in all of the core subjects as well as electives like art and music as well as a comprehensive World Language Program that starts in elementary school.

You’ll also receive textbooks and other hands-on education materials delivered right to your door! These offline materials complement the interactive online elements of the lessons and vary by grade and course.*

An Early Start on World Languages

At GCPA, we want your child to grow into a competent and confident global citizen. Part of how we support that is through our World Language Program that starts in elementary school. Children start their second language (with English as their first) in kindergarten, and then they add another language in ninth grade. Our hope is that all of our students graduate trilingual and ready to explore the world.

Seminar-Based Learning

We structure our classrooms around a seminar-based approach, where instruction is collaborative and discussion-focused. Students are guided through interactions to talk about the topic at hand in order to drive learning and shape how the children think, ask questions, and respond.

Opportunities Beyond the Traditional Classroom

GCPA offers opportunities for our students to expand and build upon their learning beyond their regular classes. Through programs like Dual Enrollment, Career Exploration, and community service, we encourage our students to develop their interests and become well-rounded graduates.

Career Readiness Exploration

Starting in 7th grade, students at GCPA are able to enroll in Career Readiness Exploration courses that can help them gain a competitive edge for the future and begin to learn where their professional interests lie. Students have the chance to explore career fields like business administration, web and digital communications, game design, and more.

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment offers students the chance to graduate high school with college credit or even an associate’s degree. By enrolling in college courses while still attending high school, students earn credits they can then apply toward high school graduation and college requirements.

This opportunity is available for eligible students to help provide a quality education throughout high school that extends into college and beyond.

Community Service & Engagement

GCPA ensures that our students will have the opportunity to engage with their community beyond the classroom. This may look like partnerships with particular organizations, or events where students can express themselves.

Your Academic Support Team

When you enroll your child at GCPA, you won’t just be in touch with the certified teachers in charge of the classroom. You’ll also have a network of school leaders, academic coaches, and counselors who are there to support you and your child on their academic journey.

How it Works: Tuition & Scholarships

GCPA is a tuition-based online private school, but our mission is to provide access to a quality education to all of our students. Our tuition costs vary by grade band, but we’ve worked hard to offer prices that represent our commitment to our families and students. We participate in Arizona’s Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA), which fully covers GCPA’s tuition costs for students who are Arizona residents.**

We also participate in Florida’s Personalized Education Program (PEP), which provides families with access to an education savings account to fund the education needs of Florida students who do not attend public or private school full-time. At GCPA, these funds can be used for online courses and tutoring.

Our teachers are committed to helping your family succeed with online learning. They provide instruction and support as your child works through the curriculum. And they keep the lines of communication open through:

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