Career Readiness Exploration

At Grand Canyon Private Academy (GCPA), your student can choose from a range of career-focused electives to gain a competitive edge for the future, discover their path after high school, or explore a possible college major. These Career Readiness Exploration (CRE) electives can provide a powerful introduction to fulfilling careers in business and information technology.

Business Management and Administration

Business Administration—In this pathway, students learn how to efficiently manage tasks and communications so organizations can thrive. All organizations, not just businesses, require administrative support, making this a versatile career.

Business Marketing —Students apply and grow their creativity in this pathway while learning to plan, coordinate, and implement marketing strategies and public relations activities.

Business Finance—This pathway guides students through the fundamentals of finance, accounting, and useful computer programs. They discover what it means to manage finances for businesses and how to play an important part in their financial success.

Entrepreneurship—In this pathway, students discover what it takes to launch and grow a business, learn how to promote a business, and explore what makes a business successful.

General Management—Students in this pathway discover how to manage a team and how to help a business become more profitable and efficient. Students get hands-on experience in developing skills for the 21st century: leadership, communication, teamwork, creative problem solving, and critical thinking.

Information Technology (IT)

Programming—Students in this pathway learn computer programming skills for a career in software development, web development, and more. Programmers and software developers work for big tech companies; tech start-ups developing new products and services; and companies that develop software for clients in government, healthcare, and other industries.

Web and Digital Communications —This pathway prepares students to design and produce interactive multimedia products and services. A web and digital communication path can set them up for positions such as a web developer or graphic designer.

Game Design —This pathway can help students level up for a career in video game design. A career in video game design can help them take the creative lead as a computer programmer, computer and information systems manager, or software developer.

Network and Cyber Security — Students in this pathway learn to make sure data can transfer securely, maintain software and hardware, analyze problems, and develop solutions. They may also learn how to handle the cyber threats of the future and enhance security for corporations and governments.