International Programs

U.S. High School Diploma for International Students

Complete High School Online

Grand Canyon Private Academy (GCPA) is a global online school, offering high school graduates a U.S. diploma that is widely recognized by colleges, universities, and employers around the world.

Earning a U.S. High School Diploma Online

Graduating students receive a U.S. diploma when they complete the following subject areas. Each full-time course earns one full credit for a total of a 24-credit minimum requirement for graduation.

English4 CreditsWorld Language2 Credits (in the same language)
Math4 CreditsHealth0.5 Credits
Science4 Credits (2 lab sciences required)Physical Education0.5 Credits
History4 Credits (1 U.S. history required)Electives5 Credits

Transfer Students and Credits

Full-time online students who have transferred to GCPA from another school must complete a minimum of 6 credits (one full year of study) with GCPA to be eligible for a U.S. diploma from our institution.

GCPA considers accepting transfer credits on an individual basis. These credits must have been earned through a public school or accredited private institution, and an official transcript will be required for consideration.* International records may also require translation and evaluation prior to consideration.

Online International High School

We welcome students from all over the world at GCPA. Through our international programs, students from countries outside of the United States can earn a U.S. diploma. They have access to our strong curriculum and online platform, without the requirement of any travel. Attending GCPA as an international student has many benefits. Students around the globe can:

  • Earn a U.S. diploma from home
  • Avoid travel expenses
  • Avoid applying and paying for an I-20 student visa
  • Avoid arranging housing
  • Avoid barriers to their education from immigration policies
  • Access a wide collection of courses spanning a variety of subject matter
  • Receive a globally minded education
Student taking notes ate home with his laptop

*The eligibility of transfer credits may be verified through further research and contact with the student’s previous institution(s). Transcripts from other institutions that are presented for admission become a part of the student’s academic file and will not be returned, copied, or distributed.