A Personalized Online School Curriculum for the Modern Student

At Grand Canyon Private Academy (GCPA), education is one of endless possibilities, where learners—no matter who or where they are—can create, explore, and find their own path to success.

What Sets GCPA’s Online School Curriculum Apart?

GCPA uses a quality curriculum from K12—a leading provider of K–12 online learning. Across all grades, K12’s curriculum uses a blend of learning elements to accommodate multiple learning styles and maximize both the quality of lessons and the way they’re delivered. It establishes learning objectives and thoroughly develops online instructional experiences with animations, interactive games, video, and text.

The Seminar-Based Teaching Method

Across grade bands, we structure our classrooms around a seminar-based approach, where instruction is collaborative and discussion-focused. Teachers guide students through interactions by providing an introduction and setting the terms of the discussion, which may be a question or a task. This drives learning and shapes how the children think, ask questions, and respond.

With this method of teaching, learning happens for our students through discussion rather than lecture. This strategy for learning helps students:

  • Develop higher cognitive abilities
  • Develop the ability to respond thoughtfully
  • Develop the ability to seek clarification and defend the ideas of others
  • Develop the ability to make keen observations of experience and feelings and how to present them effectively

Teachers may prompt students to share their ideas, but encourages the space for students to notice, wonder, talk, or debate. This seminar method helps students find their voices.

Empowering Global Citizens with Multilingual Education

At GCPA, we give our students an early start with an introduction to world languages, because we want your child to grow into a competent and confident global citizen.

Our World Language Program starts in elementary school. Children start their second language (with English as their first) in kindergarten, and then they add another language in ninth grade. Our hope is that all of our students graduate trilingual and ready to explore the world.

Online School Curriculum & Programs by Grade Band

From kindergarten through tenth grade, our curriculum can support your student every step of the way.

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Further Academic Opportunities

GCPA wants to provide your student with all of the tools, knowledge, skills, and experiences they need to succeed, whether they choose to go on to pursue a bachelor’s degree or immediately pursue a career. That’s why we also offer academic opportunities such as Career Readiness Exploration (CRE) courses and dual enrollment options.

Career Readiness Exploration

With Career Readiness Exploration courses, your student can choose from a range of career-focused electives in the fields of business and information technology to gain a competitive edge for the future, discover their path after high school, or explore a possible college major.

Dual Enrollment

With dual enrollment, students can enroll in college courses while still attending high school and earn college credit that they can apply toward both high school graduation and college requirements. This means they have the chance to graduate high school with college credit or even with an associate’s degree.

This opportunity is available for eligible students to help provide a quality education throughout high school that extends into college and beyond.