International Programs

GCPA International Online School

Grand Canyon Private Academy (GCPA) serves students with varying needs, in different circumstances, and from countries around the world. Whether you’re an international student looking for American courses or a United States expat looking for a private international school online, GCPA could be your solution.

How Does International Online School Work?

Students who enroll from outside of the U.S. have access to the full portfolio that GCPA offers. This includes full-time and part-time enrollment options, dual enrollment opportunities, and career exploration courses, all without having to leave your home country.*

Benefits of International School Online

For students outside of the U.S. there are several reasons to enroll in GCPA’s course offerings.


GCPA offers international students and expatriates the opportunity to earn a U.S. diploma at an affordable price. We do not charge a premium for students to enroll from outside of the United States.

Take Classes on Your Own Schedule

Students outside of the U.S. might face challenges with time zones, but GCPA offers an easy solution: you can choose when to take your classes. If you’re able, you can join live classes, or you can watch recordings later. Plus, you can complete assignments on your own time.

Some international students at GCPA are enrolled in both their local schools as well as our private international school. This enables students to access a comprehensive education, career development resources, and the opportunity to earn a U.S. diploma while also taking courses in the country where they reside.

U.S. College Classes for Everyone

At GCPA, prospective international students have the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school and earn an associate’s degree, providing more opportunities for international students who may want to study in the United States.*

Practice Language Skills

All GCPA’s international online school offerings are taught in English. This means that students who have a different native language can practice their English reading and speaking skills through live classes, interacting with teachers and peers, and participating in student clubs.

Private International School Supplemental and Additional Education

International students can enroll with GCPA full-time, part-time, or make use of our course offerings as supplemental education to their current schedule. They have access to our summer school programs as well and may even enroll in a single individual course.

Student attending to an online class