Middle School Academics

Private Online Middle School Curriculum

Grand Canyon Private Academy (GCPA) believes in finding new ways of learning that work for all kinds of students. That’s why we use the K12 curriculum, created by an experienced team of educators using proven instructional approaches.

Our Online Classes for Middle School

The K12 middle school curriculum is rooted in the principles of how children learn. Students take core classes such as English, math, science, and history as well as creative electives like art and music. All courses are designed to help your child find what interests them and prepare them to find success in high school.

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At GCPA, students start learning a world language in kindergarten. They have the choice between French and Spanish, and they continue working on this language in middle school.

Our Seminar-Based Teaching Method

We structure our classrooms around a seminar-based approach, where instruction is collaborative and discussion-focused. Teachers guide students through interactions by providing an introduction and setting the terms of the discussion, which may be a question or a task. This drives learning and shapes how the children think, ask questions, and respond.

With this method of teaching, learning happens for our students through discussion rather than lecture. This strategy for learning helps students:

  • Develop higher cognitive abilities
  • Develop the ability to respond
  • Develop the ability to seek clarification and defend the ideas of others
  • Develop the ability of keen observation of experience and feelings and how to present them effectively

Teachers may prompt students to share their ideas, but encourages the space for students to notice, wonder, talk, or debate. This seminar method helps students find their voices.

Explore Our Courses & Sample Lessons

We offer a relatively standard middle school curriculum with the added convenience of students being able to take their classes online. Core classes are available as well as language learning classes. Some other courses that may be available for your child include:

  • American Art
  • American History Since 1865
  • World Art
  • World History

A full list of online classes for middle school students will be available soon.

Our teachers are committed to helping your family succeed with online learning. They provide instruction and support as your child works through the curriculum. And they keep the lines of communication open through:

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