How It Works

How Does Online High School Work at GCPA?

At GCPA, we push all of our students to succeed in the learning environments and with the support they need to do their best. Online high school works much like conventional school, but with the added convenience of a virtual platform.

Online Learning for High School Students

Students can learn from anywhere there’s an internet connection while enjoying a strong curriculum and consistent support from teachers and staff to guide them on their unique academic journeys.

Expectations for Completing Schoolwork

At GCPA, student learning and academic growth are paramount. While we offer a level of flexibility, we recognize the importance of classroom pacing and the need for students to complete their work based on set due dates.

GCPA’s high school program uses a semester-based approach where students are required to earn a passing grade on their assignments and online lessons. Due dates are assigned to lessons to encourage consistent, steady progress for academic success.

Attending teacher-led, direct-instruction, online synchronous Class Connect sessions, along with completing coursework, will help students be successful.

Working with Your Teacher

Teachers provide individual and small group assistance via online synchronous sessions called “Class Connects.” Students are expected to attend all required Class Connects and meet with their teacher to receive course assistance, tutoring, and instruction.

Email is the primary form of communication between the school and families. Learning Coaches and students are required to check and respond to emails on a daily basis.

Time Commitment & Attendance

Attendance is logged Monday through Friday; however, academic progress can be achieved during the weekends as well. High school students are expected to spend 6 hours per course per week. A student who takes 5 courses and spends 6 hours per week on each one is devoting approximately 30 hours per week to their course work.

Testing and Assessments

Students are not required to take state assessments.

What’s my role as a parent?

In high school, students continue to become independent, taking on more responsibility and ownership for their learning. As a parent, you (or another responsible adult you choose) serve as your child’s “Learning Coach.”

Parent/Learning Coach involvement is critical for student success. Teachers set the pace of instruction, but the Learning Coach helps the student stay on track. Learning Coaches can expect to spend about 1–3 hours a day helping their high school students.

Parent/Learning Coach involvement may vary per child and grade level. The initial 4–8 weeks can be intensive as families settle into a routine.

A Day in the Life of a GCPA Online Student

K12-powered online schools, like GCPA, are tailored to meet the diverse learning needs of all students. A day in the life of one of our students is just as unique as they are. A typical school day, however, usually consists of:

  • Attending scheduled online classes
  • Completing interactive activities and assignments
  • Completing offline activities and assignments
  • Receiving support and instruction from certified teachers
  • Participating in online or in-person extracurricular activities and clubs*

Graduates of K12-powered schools follow testing, accountability, and attendance policies. This means that high school graduates earn a high school diploma.

Girl with history and science books

Social Opportunities for Online High School Students at GCPA

At K12-powered schools, we know how important social interaction is for intellectual and social development. Students spend time together online in classes as well as during school outings, field trips, and clubs.* K12-powered online schools also offer national clubs to help students connect with peers who have similar interests. GCPA clubs are established based on student interest. In the past, GCPA high school students have enjoyed clubs like:

  • Video Gaming
  • Games (Board & Card Games)
  • Photography
  • Trivia Club

Who can attend online high school at GCPA?

What are the costs?

Grand Canyon Private Academy has worked hard to offer private school prices that respect the commitment and investment families make when they enroll their children in private school.

Your costs will vary depending on whether you choose to enroll your student for one semester or the full year. We also have part-time course options. There may be additional costs associated with special education services, which could vary based on the level of services needed to properly support a student’s IEP/ISP/MET/504 plan.