Florida’s Personalized Education Program

What is the Personalized Education Program (PEP)?

The PEP, funded through the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, is an education savings account program that allows parents to fund their child’s education if they’re not attending public or private school full-time. This program provides access to an education savings account (ESA) to fund the education needs of eligible students.

What can I use the PEP ESA funds for at GCPA?

Florida’s PEP ESA funds can cover education expenses such as:

  • Online courses (including materials)
  • Online tutoring
Mother and son

Florida PEP Eligibility

Scholarships are open to grades K through 12 Florida residents not enrolled in full-time private or public school, regardless of household income. Students must be at least age five by September 1 of the school year they wish to enroll.

Priority is then extended to families with a household income of 400% of poverty level or below.

Florida priority graphic

Parents who want their students to receive priority funding must submit their income tax return to apply for a PEP scholarship

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